Bread Price Fixing – Loblaw hit with backlash over response to bread price-fixing scheme

Bread Price Fixing Website offering $25 gift cards inspires skepticism, rival grocery chains slam Loblaw's claim of “industry-wide” scheme. By ALEKSANDRA ...
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Hunter Harrison – CSX CEO and former head of Canada’s two biggest railways, dies at 73

Hunter Harrison Below: CSX CEO Hunter Harrison is seen in this 2015 file photo. Hunter Harrison From BNN The legacy ...
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Power Corp. Puzzle – three generations of the Montreal based Desmarais family

Power Corp. Puzzle Below: Paul Desmarais Jr., left, Jeffrey Orr, centre, and Andre Desmarais at Power Corp.’s 2014 annual meeting ...
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Paradise Papers

Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite’s hidden wealth

Paradise Papers es Paradise Papers: Bronfman, le milliardaire proche de Trudeau, visé par l'enquête (Bronfman, Trudeau's millionaire friend under investigation) ...
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Fishing Deadliest Industry

Fishing Deadliest Industry – Canada’s Struggle for Safer Work Conditions

Fishing Deadliest Industry SEA CHANGE Despite safety gains in many other industries, fishing continues to have the highest fatality rate ...
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