BookBub – Readers are Obsessed with BookBub. Here’s Why


Book lovers around the world are raving about BookBub, a quickly growing daily ebook deals service with over 10 million users.




One thing that many users talked about is BookBub’s tailored ebook recommendation service:

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“These [daily deals emails] have introduced me to so many different authors that I never knew existed, and would never have known but for your emails.” – Robert H, South Africa

“I just have to say I love BookBub. I check every day for deals and I find myself getting some very interesting reads” – LaBresha B, Michigan

From free to $0.99 to $3.99, BookBub features deep discounts on ebooks. With over 40 genres to choose from, readers select and receive the deals that best match their preferences.

One of users’ favorite features is the service’s steep price discounts:

“The book choices are very relevant, the savings are fantastic, the time it saves me from browsing is huge. BookBub manages to keep about twelve books ahead of me so I always have lots ahead to read!” – Kevin T, Yukon Territory, Canada

“Many very good books I would not have known about, at surprisingly discounted prices!” – Jill C, Ontario, Canada

Readers also pointed to BookBub’s low risk, free service and ease of use. Users sign up for free with an email address, select their favorite genres, and receive recommendations instantly. Users are able to click, download, and read on any device: Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Droid, and more.

“I love [BookBub’s] emails. Due to them I’ve expanded my reading way outside my box and even found new authors I would have never considered before.” – Mina A. Austin, TX



Author: RV-Vijay